Time Automation

Create automation based on your routine.

GPS Automation

You can create an automation to activate the Home Scene automatically when you are back home. We need to track your GPS location on your cellphone to make this feature to work.

Sunrise/Sunset Automation

You can control your devices, scenes and actions automatically when sunrise or sunset.

Devices Automation

You can create automations based on devices change events, such as when the motion sensor is triggered, turn on the hallway light.
Compare with Other Home Automation Solutions
Presen Hubitat SmartThings Wink
Compatible with standard protocols
With Alexa support
With Google Assistant support
Works without internet & Offline Control(1)
Fast & local automations
Complete App features
With TmallGenie support
Guard Mode
(1): Requires internet connection for registration, devices adding/removing and automation creation.
Guard Mode
Smart Alerts

When you switch to Guard Mode, Presen can send you notifications if the motion sensor or smoke sensor is triggered, or door is opened.

Away Lighting

Presen can turn on and off your lights automatically to make it look like someone is home when you are away.